Microcosmos of code through the lens of SonarQube

SonarQube Series #4. Detailed examination of a single project.

Last time I presented analysis results of Jon Skeet’s Google Cloud Services .NET projects. We learnt how SonarQube supports cross project analysis and drawing conclusions. In this article I’m going to step into details of a single project, dashboards, configuration options etc. [Read More]

Code of mine, better than yours, of course...

SonarQube Series #1. Automating code review process to filter out boilerplate and enable human-oriented reviews.

Just committed, with love. And what code it is—well thought, tested, self-documented, clean. Our code, the code. Its review must be a piece of cake, certainly. Then a reviewer comes in—a mate we always have geeky discussions with. And it begins. First frown, next one, puzzlement. A quarrel is approaching... [Read More]

Opening statement

where we state what we share

Pragmasoft is a technological company. On a daily basis we build software and AI products. We use proven agile methodologies (no SCRUM-but) and adhere to their best practices. Since sharing is caring, we want to give away to you some examples of our work. Sometimes it will be best-of-breed industry... [Read More]